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Ocean Aircraft Ltd

Ocean Aircraft Ltd was registered in the UK in 2023 (no. 15162507).  Its purpose is to exclusively commercialise Ocean seaplane technologies and designs developed successfully through earlier initiatives.


The success of the most difficult first phase has removed all feasibility risks, proven the capabilities expected of the Ocean seaplanes and equipped a confident programme ahead.  Studies and tests have confirmed the viability of the Ocean designs for Certification under existing requirements using practiced compliance methods. 

Preparation of a piloted proof-of-concept aircraft is under way.

Ocean 2 under construction.jpg


The team captures all the experience and know-how that has developed the Ocean technology and designs to date.  Current members have led the successful certification of various aircraft types and been appointed multiple awards across marine, aviation and motor-sport industries.  The team includes top-of-class aerodynamicists, hydrodynamicists, aircraft engineers, racing multihull designers, composite manufacturing specialists and managers.

Requirements have been developed through on-going collaboration with experienced seaplane operators with a view to becoming Ocean users, including inputs from pilots, dock handlers, accountants and maintenance engineers.

Ocean 12 amphibious seaplane high-speed cgi


The second phase will demonstrate the capabilities of the Ocean portfolio with the proof-of-concept aircraft and advance the Ocean designs, positioning the business for the most favourable commercialisation options.

Investor and partner participation is welcome.


To replace and expand seaplane populations in escalating connectivity and sustainability with fundamentally more effective and economic amphibious aircraft

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