A new order of effects and competitiveness for seaplanes

Ocean Aircraft Ltd is a new company.  It is served by a group of former and current leading Airbus, racing yacht and Formula 1 designers and managers, working with experienced seaplane operators and aviation industry suppliers.  Embracing innovation and new technologies, the team has already developed and proven a series of features that bring step-change functional and economic advantages to future seaplane and amphibious operations.   These have been thoroughly proven with with sophisticated unmanned seaplanes.

Ocean Aircraft is addressing all General Aviation seaplane markets with the following aircraft

  • Ocean 2 - a 2 seat personal, utility and training amphibious aircraft
  • Ocean 6 and 7 - 5 to 7 seat taxi/family/utility/business amphibious aircraft with piston and turboprop engines
  • Ocean 12 and 18 - 10 to 18 seat single and twin turboprop business/commuter/feeder amphibious aircraft
With new orders of seaworthiness and the ability to taxi with wings folded, these aircraft will operate safely in common coastal conditions and make diverse new destinations accessible throughout the global maritime sector.  Able to serve between the maritime sector and both airfields and aviation hubs, these aircraft are expected to significantly increase the application for General Aviation and multiply applications for seaplanes. 
This site will be developed in due course.  Meanwhile, please send any inquiry to business manager 
Paul Scott.

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