A new order of effects and competitiveness for seaplanes

Ocean Aircraft Ltd is a new company.  It is served by a group of former and current leading Airbus, racing yacht and Formula 1 designers and managers, working with experienced seaplane operators and aviation industry suppliers.  Embracing innovation and new technologies, the team has already developed and proven a series of features that bring step-change functional and economic advantages to future seaplane and amphibious operations in using sophisticated unmanned seaplanes.

Ocean Aircraft is addressing all General Aviation seaplane markets with the following aircraft;

 -  Ocean 2 - 2 seat personal, utility and training amphibious aircraft with electric and piston options

    -  Ocean 6 - 6 to 7 seat business/taxi/utility/family amphibious aircraft with with electric, piston and turboprop options

and using a common airframe for;

    -  Ocean 12 - 10 to 18 seat business/commuter/feeder amphibious aircraft with with single electric and turboprop options

 -  Ocean 18 twin - 10 to 21 seat business/commuter/feeder amphibious aircraft with twin electric and turboprop options

Using Ocean's own hybrid hull forms derived from racing yacht hulls that have doubled their speeds since 1980, low-drag advantages on take-off and in cruise give the Ocean seaplanes greater load capacity and cruise efficiency.  These typically double range-with-payload in relation to conventional seaplanes.

The same hulls also offer new orders of wave-handling capability. Combined with a configuration able to taxi with wings folded, the Ocean seaplanes will operate safely in common open-water sea conditions and make diverse new destinations usable.

Able to serve competitively  among landplanes and freely throughout the maritime sector, the Ocean seaplanes generate major new aircraft manufacturing and operating opportunities.

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