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Ocean seaplanes will replace among landplanes and current fleets of 11,500 active seaplanes. 

Capability-led expansion

Ocean seaplanes will expand markets in making seaplanes capable of routes and tasks not possible before and in making seaplane services affordable to a larger demographic.  The greatest growth markets include:

  • Connectivity between coastal and inland airfields and inter-city Regional Air Mobility 

  • Island nations needing improved communications but lacking airfields

  • Emerging markets with growing middle-income populations but lacking airfields

  • Highly developed markets where surface congestion demands point-to-point air travel

Ocean 18 seaplane water bomber CGI
Ocean 18 seaplane on airfield CGI
Ocean 12 wings folded docked CGI

Service applications

In addition to passenger transport, the Ocean seaplanes will fulfil divers service roles, including:

  • Inshore and offshore Search & Rescue

  • Disaster relief

  • Medivac

  • Coastguard and border policing including monitoring, detection and interdiction

  • Fire-fighting with high-rate water-scooping

  • Ship activity policing including discharging and commercial fishing

  • Offshore environmental monitoring

  • Coastal and island industry support

  • Remote community services

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